The Beauty in Nature

          Today I decided to go for a hike.  It’s been beautiful all day, and the sun has been shining bright, so I thought it was the perfect opportunity.  This marks the beginning of my health and fitness adventure, and I am excited to share it with you!
If you aren’t already aware, I chose hiking because I am a wildland firefighter.  This entails a lot of hiking, which I can do, but I want to be enjoying that part rather than only enduring it.  Hiking is also very great exercise, and it isn’t as mundane as running around a track. I want to be a smoke-jumper (you can read about that in my previous post “I Must Begin Somewhere”) and the requirements are quite intense!  Besides all of that, I love the outdoors and I love to hike!  So I went with a good friend of mine to Battle Creek Canyon.  We hiked up to the waterfall there and it was beautiful!  The journey was quite taxing, as I haven’t been exercising regularly, but I survived!
I downloaded the Endomondo application onto my phone for easy tracking of my workouts.  It’s a great app and is perfect for what I am trying to accomplish!  I recommend downloading it for yourself so you can easily keep track of your own progress!  The following are my results for today:

August 20,2012

Sport:           Hiking
Duration:     47:42
Calories:     451
Hydration:   760 ml

          Not bad for a Monday, right?!  I am going to wake up early every day this week and continue my new found hiking routine, while keeping you updated in the process!  I can’t wait for us to share progress reports.

To view this photo album in its entirety, Click Here!

As always, feel free to share your own hiking experiences, favorite locations, and favorite photos!


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